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Trump’s DOJ gears up for crackdown on marijuana

The Trump administration is readying for a crackdown on marijuana users under Attorney General Jeff Sessions. President Trump’s Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, led by Sessions, is expected to release a report next week that criminal justice reform advocates fear will link marijuana to violent crime and recommend tougher sentences for those […]

After Vatican staff caught in gay orgy, the Pope says GMOs are approved by the Catholic Church

MIKE ADAMS–To state it bluntly, Pope Francis is not merely a freedom-hating communist and traitor to the sacred blessing of liberty, he’s actually part of the Satanic takeover of the Catholic Church that has now led the organization down the path of self-destruction. Not only was the staff of a key Vatican advisor recently caught […]

Fake news! Bogus article claiming Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington’s death is being investigated as a murder goes viral

An unsubstantiated online article claiming that Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington’s death is being investigated by police as a possible murder has been shared nearly 800,000 times. The article, posted on on Friday, claimed an anonymous source with the Los Angeles Police Department said authorities were investigating the matter as a possible homicide. ‘Detectives […]

EXCLUSIVE: FBI Seized Smashed Hard Drives From Wasserman Schultz IT Aide’s Home

FBI agents seized smashed computer hard drives from the home of Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s information technology (IT) administrator, according to an individual who was interviewed by Bureau investigators in the case. Pakistani-born Imran Awan, long-time right-hand IT aide to the former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman, has since desperately tried to get […]

Box Office: ‘Dunkirk’ Conquers Competition With $50.5M Debut; ‘Valerian’ Bombs

Warner Bros.’ ‘Dunkirk’ isn’t the only win of the weekend as Universal’s female-centric ‘Girls Trip’ breaks the R-rated comedy curse, opening to $30.4 million. Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk stormed the box office with a better-than-expected $50.5 million domestic debut, the best opening in recent memory for a World War II film and a testament to the […]

Minneapolis mayor looks to new police chief amid firestorm over fatal shooting

Embattled Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges is turning to a veteran city cop to try to right the ship for the city’s police department in the aftermath of this month’s fatal shooting by an officer of an unarmed Australian woman. Even before the shooting of Justine Damond, the issue of the Minneapolis Police Department’s use of deadly force […]

Officials “very sorry” for fining little girl over lemonade stand

A British man and his young daughter have gained international attention after being fined for selling lemonade outside. Andre Spicer said his 5-year-old daughter was left in tears after local council officers fined her 150 pounds ($195) for selling lemonade without a license near their home in London. The girl was selling home-made lemonade to […]

Microbeads ban: Government to outlaw microplastics in cosmetic products

The Government is to go ahead with a ban on “rinse-off” plastic microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products following a public consultation, it has announced. The proposal comes amid increasing evidence that tiny plastic particles are damaging marine life and could even pose a serious risk to human health. Exfoliating scrubs, shower gels and toothpaste […]

Waco Veterans Affairs office denies 92% of Gulf War claims

Department of Veterans Affairs benefits officials in Waco have denied a whopping 92 percent of claims related to Gulf War illness, giving Central Texas veterans one of the highest denial rates in the nation, according to data in a recent U.S. Government Accountability Office report. The report found serious and persistent problems with how the […]

Record 9 million comments flood FCC on net neutrality

The U.S. government has received more than 9 million public comments on rolling back net neutrality regulations, a record response to this hot-button issue that both sides argue plays an essential role in who gets Internet access. More than 9 million comments — the largest influx ever — have been filed with the Federal Communications Commission […]

‘Assad Mustn’t Go’: How Qatar, France, Germany ‘Wised Up in Regard to Syria’

Ekaterina Blinova–The Trump administration’s inconsistent foreign policy in the Middle East is likely to prompt Washington’s European allies to side, at least on critical occasions, with Russia, geopolitical analyst Gilbert Mercier told Sputnik. As a result, the United States could end up isolating itself, he added. The Qatari crisis has become a litmus test for major […]

Cyber Holidays Will Sweep The Globe

In the not so distant future, we are going to see “cyber holidays” sweep the globe. Don’t be alarmed but rolling blackouts, zero access to cash, massive traffic pileups and the global shutdown of all air traffic are just some of thing we have to look forward to. And I didn’t even mention food. Starting […]

Test Imminent? Activity at North Korean Nuclear Site Has US Intelligence Worried

SPUTNIK–An unusual uptick in activity at North Korea’s underground nuclear testing facilities picked up by US foreign signals intelligence may mean another nuclear test is imminent. According to Jerusalem Online, Washington is growing concerned that the Strategic Rocket Forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) will launch yet another test of its nuclear weapons when senior Chinese […]

Murders in Venezuela are starting to stack up

How much longer can Venezuela hold on? The county is well beyond repair and doesn’t have a chance of prosperity for at least another 20-50 years. According to this AFP report tensions are rising rapidly  and  the murders are starting to mount. Two protesters, both aged 20, died Thursday, June 15, during anti-government demonstrations in […]

The Number Of Self-Employed Americans Is Lower Than It Was In 1990

  MICHAEL SNYDER–After eight long, bitter years under Obama, will things go better for entrepreneurs and small businesses now that Donald Trump is in the White House?  Once upon a time, America was the best place in the world for those that wanted to work for themselves.  Our free market capitalist system created an environment […]

Obama intel agency secretly conducted illegal searches on Americans for years

The National Security Agency under former President Barack Obama routinely violated American privacy protections while scouring through overseas intercepts and failed to disclose the extent of the problems until the final days before Donald Trump was elected president last fall, according to once top-secret documents that chronicle some of the most serious constitutional abuses to […]