Murders in Venezuela are starting to stack up

How much longer can Venezuela hold on? The county is well beyond repair and doesn’t have a chance of prosperity for at least another 20-50 years. According to this AFP report tensions are rising rapidly  and  the murders are starting to mount.

Two protesters, both aged 20, died Thursday, June 15, during anti-government demonstrations in separate regions of Venezuela, bringing the total deaths in more than two months of protests to 72, officials said.

Prosecutors said they were investigating the death of Jose Perez, a student in the western town of Rubio who was “shot in the face” during a demonstration.

Near-daily protests against President Nicolas Maduro began on April 1, with demonstrators demanding his removal and the holding of new elections.

The demonstrations have often turned violent with more than 1,000 people injured so far, prosecutors say, and more than 3,000 arrested, according to the NGO Forum Penal.

Protesters blame Maduro for an economic crisis that has caused desperate shortages of food, medicine and other basic goods, as well as soaring crime rates.

Maduro says the crisis is a US-backed conspiracy.