Couple jump to their deaths because they ‘can’t afford’ health care

Manhattan parents struggling to pay their doctors’ bills jumped to their deaths early Friday — leaving double suicide notes pleading that their two kids be cared for, a law enforcement source told The Post.

The bodies of the 53-year-old man and 50-year-old woman — who claimed they had had a “wonderful life” — were found in the middle of the street on 33rd Street between Park and Madison avenues in Murray Hill after the pair jumped from the 9th-floor window of a 17-story corner office building on Madison Avenue at about 5:45 a.m., police said.

The woman had a suicide note in her pocket that read, “in sum and substance, ‘Our kids are upstairs, please take care of them,’” the source said.

The man had a typed note in his pocket that began with “WE HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE.”\

“Patricia and I had everything in life,” read the note, which touched on the couple’s “financial spiral” and how “we can not live with” the “financial reality.”

The source added that a line of the note contained words to the effect: “’We both have medical issues, we just can’t afford the health care.’”

  • Sam Oconnel

    What a couple of stupid people. Did they really believe they needed “health care” from the medical cartel? Their problems most likely could have been resolved by simple natural CURES so they would never have to submit themselves to the doctors of death again, nor pay their “bills”. I feel sorry for their kids, but the couple demonstrated they were too ignorant to be of any help to the world.

  • Sloopofwar

    Can’t think of any reason for killing myself. Especially health care

  • Pete Greco

    Thank you Obama and Congress for doing nothing again for the US citizens. To tell you the truth, not sure this was a real story. Who in their right mind would do that. They both lived on 33rd Street between Park and Madison avenues in Murray Hill in New York. They must have had money. I think they had mental issues instead of mentioning they had medical issues.